What To Expect

Dr. Sam Warren

far more consulting began with a deep passion for the local church

Expect to be Challenged

When Far More Consulting begins to work with a church in their pursuit of health, the bar is set high. While the purpose of the church is quite clear in the Bible (Matthew 28:16-20), answering the question of why a particular church exists, is not.

No more simple answers to the question of why we exist but don't worry. Through a careful process of intentional and careful thought, FMC will lead a church through the development of a plan that ends and begins with a clear reason for their existence and a strategy to live it out in all that they do.

While it will be tempting to give up and settle for something that's just okay, expect to be challenged and led in the development of a ministry plan that honors the Word of God and engages everyone who calls your church body home.