About Us

Dr. Sam Warren

far more consulting began with a deep passion for the local church

About Far More Consulting

Far More Consulting began with a prayer of Dr. Sam Warren asking God to give him the opportunity to work with churches in their pursuit of biblical health. For some churches, this is difficult, especially when one considers the wide variety of views about what health looks like in the context of the church. Far More Consulting strives to help pastors and church leaders develop a clear understanding of their dysfunction along with a strategic pursuit of health.

What began with a dream and a great deal of prayer is now a reality. Far More Consulting exists on a daily basis to come alongside churches and Christian nonprofit ministries to help them become healthy in light of the Scriptures.

FMC operates on the principle that a ministry is healthy when it understands its mission, vision and core values in light of Jesus' mandate to make disciples who make disciples. The ministry of FMC is committed to working with each church in the clarity and execution of these priorities.